About us


We, the staff of HeroNet, are always ready to answer each and every question from daily consultations to technical issues of a wide range of users, from individual users to corporations.

Our company name “HeroNet” means that we want to support you and be your hero. Our front desk staff, tech support staff, web design staff, and a variety of other technicians work directly with our customers to provide constant communication and support.

Our goal is to create a “Net City Dream”.

About Our Company

Company Name HeroNet Internet Service,Inc.
General Manager Koji Igarashi
Established August 1996
TEL/FAX Toll free:0120-711-566
Address 033-0001
2-9-8 Chuo-cho, Misawa, Aomori
Bussiness hours Mon-Fri 09:00~17:00
Holidays Saturdays, Sundays, Japanese Holidays
E-mail Contact us using contact form
Work contents Internet Service,
Website Production,
Translation (English, Japanese)
NTT Friendly Shop (NTT Agency)
・Accept various kinds of internet lines