Internet Service

Q. What is the minimum contract period?

You can cancel the service anytime if you select month-to-month contract plan. If you select one-year-contract plan, cancellation fee may occur when you cancel the contract within one year.

Q. How long will it take to have the Internet installed?

The Internet installation schedule will vary depending on the condition of your house. We will check our system to verify how long and what kind of installation is required for your house when you apply for the Internet service at HeroNet.

We can rent a mobile router to customers who need the Internet until the Installation date. Please ask HeroNet staff for more details.

Q. Can I transfer the contract to another person?

Yes. Please visit HeroNet office with the person you would like to transfer to.

Q. How can I cancel the service?

Please visit HeroNet office to notify us 30 days prior to cancellation of the service. A customer has to be present for termination of the service.