HeroNet Optical Fiber Internet – Misawa and surrounding area –

HeroNet Optical Fiber Internet (IPv6 over IPv4 ・IPoE )

HeroNet has launched the new Internet service with IPoE connection for fast and stable Internet.

The new plan will be applied to Misawa and Shariki customers only. Please refer to Kyotango page for Kyotango customers.

Internet Fees – New! –

Hero L Plan – One year contract

Monthly Fee -First Year-

¥7,700/month $68/month

Monthly Fee -2nd Year~-

¥6,600/month $58/month
Installation Fee ¥0 FREE -Special offer for Hero L Plan-
Sign-up Fee ¥3,300 $29/month
Cancellation Fee ¥13,200 if cancelled within a year

Hero S Plan – Month-to-Month contract

Monthly Fee

¥7,700/month $68/month

Installation Fee

¥6,600 ~ ¥17,600 $58 ~ $156
Sign-up Fee ¥3,300 $29/month
Cancellation Fee ¥0

You can choose lump-sum or installment payments for installation fee.

10% tax included in prices.
$1=¥113 as of December 2021.
Bills will be charged in Yen.

Required Documentation

  • Picture ID/Military ID, Passport or Driver’s license
  • Japanese Address& House number


The fiber optics line is the best effort type, which do not always guarantee the maximum speed.The speed may get slower depending on customer’s Internet use condition, hours and network.