Application for Home Internet -Kyotango-

HeroNet Optical Fiber Internet (IPv6 over IPv4 ・IPoE )

HeroNet has launched the new Internet service with IPoE connection for fast and stable Internet.

Fees -for Kyotango Area-

Monthly Fee¥7,700 / month

Initial Cost

Sign-up Fee¥3,300
Installation Fee¥22,000
or ¥7,700 x 3months installment payments

10 % of tax is included

Required Information

  • Picture ID (Passport or U.S. Driver’s license)
  • House number(Address)


  • Credit cards:Visa/Master CARD/American Express/JCB

The fiber optics line is the best effort type, which does not always guarantee the maximum speed.
The speed may get slower depending on the customer’s Internet use condition, hours, and network.
Rental pocket Wi-Fi is no longer available for Kyotango customers due to limited LTE coverages in the area. 

    Home Internet Application -Kyotango

    Please fill out the form below for HeroNet Internet application

    User Information

    Location of Internet

    Monthly plan

    Payment method for Installation fee

    Lump-Sum payment (¥22,000)Installment payments (¥7,700 x 3 months)

    *If you select installment payment plan, ¥7,700 will be added to your monthly charges for 3 times.


    Please upload your ID(Driver’s license or Passport).
    *You can take picture or scan the documents

    Upload ID*
    U.S. Drivers Lisence or Passport

    The wait time to get the Internet installation in Kyotango area is currently more than 6 months.