Privacy Policy

Our company understands the importance of private information of our members (hereinafter called “private information”, which also includes information on corporate members) and thinks proper protection of such private information is our company’s social responsibility. For that, we conduct the following managements.

1.Specified Purpose for Use

We obtain our members’ private information including name, address and telephone number for the purposes to provide and advertise our various services, confirm the identification of members, request service fee payments, answer questions, notify changes, suspension or cancellation of services.

2.Restriction on Use for Other Purposes and Offer to Third Party

1.We in no way use private information of our members for any purposes other than the ones specified in the article 1 above. 2.We also neither disclose nor give it to the third party except for the cases; ・When the member agrees to such disclosure or offer. ・When there is legitimate reason to obligate us to disclose by law.

3.Notification of Purpose for Use

To obtain private information from our members, we take proper process by giving members a prior notification of the purpose for use of private information and asking them to sign on our agreement sheet. We try to keep the contents of obtained information accurate and updated along with the purposes of use.

4.Proper Measures of Security Management

We appoint our staff for a security manager to protect private information. The security manager will take an overall management and guidance to properly handle private information and adopt proper measures for preventing the leak.

5.Thoroughness of Information Management for Staff

We set regulations on security managements for private information and hold regular trainings for our staffs to thoroughly understand the importance of private information.

6.Responsibility of Management by Consignors and Affiliates

We obligate under contracts our consigning or affiliating companies to take proper measures for preventing the leak and prohibiting the offer to the third party.

7.Disclosure, Correction and Use

We check and confirm the identification of the member when the member asks us to disclose his/her information. When asked to correct information on the member, we also swiftly respond.

8.Observance of Relating Laws

We strictly observe the regulations in the law relating to protection of private information (Act#57, 2003), other related laws and improve our protection measures along with our own policy.