HeroNet Policy for Kyotango Residents

Payments – Credit Card Only

  • Visa, MasterCard and NICOS are accepted for payments.
  • Monthly payments will be automatically charged to your credit card on the 27th of each month.
  • Please contact HeroNet 30 days prior to cancellation to prevent from being charged further.
  • Monthly receipts will not be sent for credit card and debit card payments.
  • A credit card security check will be made after an order is received. If the card is found to be invalid, the order will not be filed.
  • A customer is required to pay all fees associated with the installation of the service. A customer is also required to make all payments until the service is cancelled.
  • A customer is required to notify HeroNet of any changes that occur to credit card such as expiration date or credit card number changes.

Rental Modem

  • If NTT devices are damaged on purpose or are sent to the U.S. or other countries by mistake, 15,000 yen will be charged. The charge amount will be withdrawn from the customer’s credit card on the 27th of following month.
  • The Internet modem is lease and it is NTT(Internet line provider)’s property. Please do not pack the modem when you PCS out. You agree not to mishandle, abuse, misuse, or improperly store or operate the devices.

Cancellation before installation

  • Cancelling request can be accepted without any charges until 4 days prior to the scheduled installation date. If you cancel the service 3 days prior to the installation date or later, ¥3,000 of sign-up fee will be charged.


  • A customer is required to inform of cancellation to HeroNet via e-mail or telephone at least 30 days prior to the date of terminating the Internet service. Please e-mail to us or call 0176-53-5136.


  • HeroNet schedules the Internet installation date at the shortest time possible by the installation contractor’s availability.
  • It may take more than 6 months to schedule the installation depending on the Internet wiring condition in your residence.
  • Internet installation team will not be able to inform you of specific time when they start the fiber optics installation. Marufuku staff is able to attend the installation with NTT construction team at your home during the provided scheduled time until the installation is completed.
  • Most installations require about 1 to 4 hours to complete with some exceptions taking up between 5 and 6 hours. In case of difficult work construction, installation schedule may be delayed.
  • The Internet installation team may reschedule your installation due to bad weather, delayed procurement of materials etc.
  • It will usually take about 2-3 hours to up to 24 hours for the Internet service to be available after the Installation.

Internet Speed

  • The fiber optics line offers “Best-effort Internet service” , which the maximum speed is not always guaranteed. The speed may get slower, depending on customer’s Internet use condition, hours and network.

Technical Support

  • Technical support fee will be charged when a customer requests support for problems caused by the customer’s PCs, routers, orperipheral equipment such as printers.
  • Technical support fee will be between ¥7,000 and ¥15,000 for Kyotango residents.
  • There will be no charge for issues related to HeroNet serveror exterior wiring for optical fiber, or when HeroNet technician cannot solve the problem.
  • When a customer requests support for the same issues as the first request within 14 days, there will be no charge for the second visit.
  • HeroNet technician cannot provide assistance for connections to TV, Game device, printer or any Peripheral equipment.

Transfer to new house

  • It may take up to one-to-three months after transfer application to install the Internet service at the new house. Please apply for the service transfer as soon as possible.


  • Please update HeroNet of any changes in your personal information.
  • HeroNet accounts will not be transferred to third parties except for the case of the service shared by roommates.
  • A customer will receive the ”HeroNet Hikari instruction on important items” before a customer signs HeroNet policy.