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    Please fill out the form below for HeroNet Internet application.

    User Information

    Location of Internet

    Moving from on-base to off-base

    Yes Check yes if you are relocating from on-base housing to off-base housing.


    Monthly plan

    Hero L PlanHero S Plan
    Hero L Plan - One year contract
    Monthly Fee -First Year- ¥7,700/month
    Monthly Fee -2nd Year~- ¥6,600/month
    Installation Fee ¥0 FREE -Special offer for Hero L Plan-
    Sign-up Fee ¥3,300
    Cancellation Fee ¥13,200 if cancelled within a year
    Hero S Plan - Month-to-Month contract
    Monthly Fee ¥7,700/month
    Installation Fee ¥6,600 ~ ¥17,600
    Sign-up Fee ¥3,300
    Cancellation Fee ¥0

    Installation fee

    Installation Fee will be charged if you select Hero S Plan.
    We will notify you of the total amount for installation fee when the installation schedule is confirmed.

    Rental Pocket Wi-Fi

    Yes Check if you would like to use pocket Wi-Fi until Installation date.

    *You will be asked to visit HeroNet office to pick up the pocket Wi-Fi. The contract will start from the date you pick up the pocket Wi-Fi.

    Rental VPN router

    Yes Check if you would like to add VPN router(¥1,500/month) to monthly plan.

    Payment method

    G.I Bill Pay ServiceCredit card


    Please upload your ID(Driver's license or Passport).
    *You can take picture or scan the documents

    Upload ID*
    U.S. Drivers Lisence or Passport