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This application form is for customers in Misawa and surrounding areas only.  For Kyotango customers, please go to Kyotango online application.

    Please fill out the form below for HeroNet Internet application.

    User Information

    Location of Internet

    Moving from on-base to off-base

    Yes Check yes if you are relocating from on-base housing to off-base housing.


    Monthly plan

    Hero L PlanHero S Plan
    Hero L Plan - One year contract
    Monthly Fee -First Year- ¥7,700/month
    Monthly Fee -2nd Year~- ¥6,600/month
    Installation Fee ¥0 FREE -Special offer for Hero L Plan-
    Sign-up Fee ¥3,300
    Cancellation Fee ¥13,200 if cancelled within a year
    Hero S Plan - Month-to-Month contract
    Monthly Fee ¥7,700/month
    Installation Fee ¥6,600 ~ ¥17,600
    Sign-up Fee ¥3,300
    Cancellation Fee ¥0

    Installation fee

    Installation Fee will be charged if you select Hero S Plan.
    We will notify you of the total amount for installation fee when the installation schedule is confirmed.

    Rental Pocket Wi-Fi

    Yes Check if you would like to use pocket Wi-Fi until Installation date.

    *You will be asked to visit HeroNet office to pick up the pocket Wi-Fi. The contract will start from the date you pick up the pocket Wi-Fi.

    Rental VPN router

    Yes Check if you would like to add VPN router(¥1,500/month) to monthly plan.

    Payment method

    G.I Bill Pay ServiceCredit card


    Please upload your ID(Driver's license or Passport).
    *You can take picture or scan the documents

    Upload ID*
    U.S. Drivers Lisence or Passport