Optic fiber Internet – Policy for Misawa customers

Payments due

  • Please make payment for Internet service fee before the end of each calendar month. The service will temporarily be suspended if payment is not made on the next day of due date. After five business days, penalty of ¥500 will be charged per month. Even if the account is temporarily suspended due to overdue payment, monthly payments will still be charged during the temporary suspended period.
  • If the payment is not made after one month of the due date, the account will be cancelled. No exceptions will be made under any circumstances including deployment or TDY.
    Please note that unpaid balance and cancellation fee(if applies) of current service, as well as sign-up fee and installation fee for new service will be charged when a customer re-applies for the service.
  • If a customer leaves the country for business trip or vacation, please make sure your credit card or G.I bill pay service account will be active during the period. You can also make payment for the service in advance before the trip. A customer is responsible for updating payment information when there are any changes.

Rental modem

  • The Internet modem is lease and it is a property of NTT, the Internet line provider. Please do not pack the modem when PCS-ing out.
  • The modem needs to be returned in good working condition, normal wear and tear exempted, to HeroNet office within 7 days after cancellation date. If we haven’t received the modem within 7 days of termination of the service or if the modem is returned in damaged condition, we will charge a NON-RETURN FEES of \15,000 to your credit card you have on file with us or to your G.I. bill pay service account.


  • We are unable to accept temporary service suspension request under any circumstances including deployment or TDY.

Cancellation before installation

  • Cancelling request can be accepted without any charges until 4 days prior to the scheduled installation date. Cancelling the service 3 days prior to the installation date or later, sign-up fee of ¥3,000 will be charged.


  • A customer is required to schedule cancellation at HeroNet office at least 30 days prior to the date of terminating the Internet service. We are unable to accept termination request over the phone or e-mail.
  • One-year-contract customers

If a customer cancels the contract within a year of contract, penalty of ¥12,000 will be charged. Exceptions will only be made when a customer brings an official PCS order.

  • Month-to-month customers

No cancellation fee will be charged.


  • HeroNet schedules the installation date at the shortest time possible by the installation contractor’s availability.
  • It may take up to one to three months to schedule the installation depending on the Internet wiring condition in your residence.
  • It usually take about 2-3 hours up to 24 hours for the Internet service to be available after the Installation.

【For on-site Installation】

  • Internet installation team will not be able to inform you of specific time when they start the fiber optic installation. Please stay at home during the provided scheduled time until the installation is completed.
  • Most installations require about 1 to 4 hours to complete with some exceptions taking up between 5 and 6 hours. In case of difficult work construction, installation schedule may be delayed.
  • The Internet installation team may reschedule your installation due to bad weather, delayed procurement of materials etc.

Internet Speed

  • The fiber optics line offer a “Best-effort Internet service” , which the maximum speed is not always guaranteed. The speed may get slower, depending on customer’s Internet use condition, hours and network.

Technical Support

  • First on-site technical support fee will be free for setting up Internet connection in Misawa area.
  • Technical support fee will be charged when a customer requests support for problems caused by the customer’s own PCs, routers, orperipheral equipment such as printers.
  • There will be no charge for issues related to HeroNet serveror exterior wiring for optical fiber, or when HeroNet technician cannot solve the problem.
  • When a customer request a support for the same issues as the first request within 14 days, there will be no charge for the second visit.
  • HeroNet technician cannot provide assistance for connections to TV, Game device, printer or any Peripheral equipment.

Transfer to new house

  • It may take up to one-to-three months after transfer application to install the Internet service at the new house. Please apply for the service transfer as soon as possible.


  • Please update HeroNet of any changes in your personal information.