HeroNet Mobile HotSpot Service Policy

Service Plan

  • Mobile Hotspot – Unlimited Plan
    ¥ 8,800/month
  • Mobile Hotspot – 300GB Plan
     ¥ 8,400/month
  • Mobile Hotspot – 100GB Plan
    ¥ 7,800/month

Plan Change

If you would like to change the plan, please cancel the current plan and apply for the new service.

Payments Due

First month fee will be prorated and must be paid on the day you sign up for the contract.

Monthly fee can be paid by card only. The monthly fee will be charged to your registered card on the 16th of every month.

If a customer leaves the country for business trip or vacation, please make sure your card will be active during those period. A customer is responsible to update payment information when there are any changes.


Please come by to our office when you want to transfer the pocket wi-fi. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL BE THE FORMER OWNERS RESPONSIBILITY.


A customer is required to visit HeroNet office on the day that you want to terminate the service. We are unable to accept termination request over the phone or e-mail.

The mobile hotspot is leased and needs to be returned to HeroNet at the time of the cancellation. If the device is not returned, ¥30,000 of non-returned device fee will be charged when you cancel the contract.

The final month service charge needs to be paid in full at HeroNet office when the contract is cancelled. Please note that the final month service fee will not be prorated. (Even if the contract is cancelled at the beginning of the month, the fee will be charged fully for the month)

PLEASE DO NOT PASS IT TO SOMEBODY ELSE. If you ever pass it to somebody and expect them to return it for you, please let us know immediately. THE MOBILE HOTSPOT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY UNTIL THE DEVICE IS RETURNED TO US.

Data Speed

Data speed may slow down depending on the device used by the customer and the communication facilities in the area where the customer is connecting.

If an excessive amount of data is used by one customer for a short period of time, we may prioritize usage behind other customers during network congestion, which results in slowing down your data connection.

Theft, Loss, and Damage

All customers are required to report any loss or damage caused during the rental period to HeroNet immediately and follow instructions given afterward. Any of those cases will result in the incurrence of additional charges stated as following.

¥10,000: Theft, Loss, and total damage
Cracked screenWet damage. Total loss.

¥5,000: Partial damage.
Cracked device body.
Battery cover damage.

¥2,000: lost, damage (USB code)

¥2,000-10,000: Any other damage

*Please check initial condition before use.

Scratch/Peeled paint.